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State Senator Ted Lieu  has promised to help us get the pilot dog beach in Santa Monica--no matter what. Due to political re-districting, Sen. Lieu will become our Senator in November.  He has already contacted the State Parks and Recreation Department to see if he could get to the bottom of their denial of our pilot program and is about to re-visit the state parks now that the Director has resigned. A new director still has not been appointed.  However, if State Parks still refuses to allow us to start a dog beach pilot program, Senator Lieu may need to take the campaign to the State Legislature and it could happen soon.

As you know, the Santa Monica City Council voted 6-1 last October to establish and pay all necessary funds for a pilot program. However, since Santa Monica is a state beach, the State Parks has to agree. This is where we have been stuck. (For more background info, visit our website at

Senator Lieu has asked us to elicit support from the candidates running for office in the State Assembly 50th District. This district  is comprised of  Santa Monica, Malibu, Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Carthay Square, West Hollywood, much of Hollywood, Hancock Park, Miracle Mile, as well as Pacific Palisades, Topanga, part of the Santa Monica Mountains and Agoura Hills.   The candidates include: SM Mayor Richard Bloom, and Assemblywoman Betsy Butler.  Both of these candidates maintain a favorable stance towards the dog beach and say they will happily work with Senator Lieu.

Richard Bloom voted in favor of the pilot program when on the City Council in 2011 (not in the 2005 vote) and says he remains in favor.
Betsy Butler has taken a very PRO-ACTIVE stance towards the dog beach.  She herself not only solicited a meeting personally, she has sent her representatives to meet with Unleash the Beach on two separate occasions. Betsy was working on dog beach issues in Redondo Beach when as Assemblywoman there.   She is eager to work with us and says she has made it a priority. We certainly appreciate her activism.


There are 15 candidates running for 4 seats in the Santa Monica City Council.  Even though the City Council has already voted to approve the pilot program there will be more votes coming up in the future. If Sen. Lieu creates a legislative bill, we want the City to give him full support.  When we do get approval to start plans for the dog beach, we want people who will keep fighting for the best possible outcome and not get discouraged by anything or anyone  who might try to obstrct it.  In that light, we have sent a questionaire to all the candidates to find out what they would do to further this project along.

First of all, Mayor Pro Temp Gleam Davis and Incmbant Councilman Terry O'Day both supported and agreed to present the original bill to get the pilot program last year and will continue to work for it this year.

Gleam especially pushed it through and has stayed in touch comimg to several Unleash the Beach meetings. She has been a real champion.
Terry promises to keep working until we find a solution the State will accept.  For their past efforts, success, and their continued promises we feel that both Gleam and Terry need to be re-elected this year for the sake of the dog beach.

Of the remaining 13 candidates, we have received responses from 8 and they were all favorable towards the dog beach. We thought maybe those who didn't respond somehow didn't see their emails so we tried again. Because we got no response we can only say we don't know what their stance is--or they didn't think it important enough to respond. The following candidates did respond and here is a brief look at how UTB evaluates their responses.

Jerry Rubin who has been a big supporter in the past, inviting us to speak at his activist circle and inviting Ted Lieu- says he will continue supporting a dog beach whether he is elected or not.

Although they don't seem to be as up to date on the issues, the following candidates answered the questionnaire expressed a willingness to learn and help-some more pro-actively than others as you might see from their comments:
Antonio Vasquez, Shari Davis, Frank Gruber, John Mann, Terence Later, John C. Smith, Ted Winterer.

John C. Smith seems passionate about the issue, says he is fully committed and especially 'willing to work to get it done.'
Shari Davis says she would love to have a dog beach, has some practical ideas, and eager to learn more and help.
Antonio Vasquez  expressed interest to learn more and asked how he could help.
John Mann and Terence Later have run before and feel they could be more effective than the less "independent" campaigners at actually getting the pilot started. Both candidates say they have made this a priority in previous campaigns.
Frank Gruber  said he hoped the state parks would change their minds
and Ted Winterer said his family would use it if state parks could be persuaded .

Hope this helps you decide who to vote for.  All of this is subjective and based their past record and/or on short answers received.  Most important thing is to get out and vote, and please keep the dog beach in mind!
 Friends and Supporters of Unleash the Beach:
Animal Defenders International
In Defense of Animals
The Pelican Network
Best Friends
Los Angeles Times
Santa Monica Daily Press
Asst. Attorney General Doug Knoll
Warren Eckstein's 'The Pet Show'
Animal Wellness Center
Center Sinai Animal Hospital
Healthy Spot
To Wag For
Bark Williams
Animal Kingdom
The Omelette Parlor
Rick's Tavern
The Talking Stick Cafe
212 Pier Cafe
Witzend Club
The Golding Gallery

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