Monday, June 6, 2011

Doggone It We're a Dog Blog Now

Welcome to the new website of Unleash the Beach! We're still barking and advocating for a beach dog zone in Santa Monica.

In the coming weeks, we'll be migrating much of the content of our old website here.

And we'll be posting updates on the issues that affect dogs who want to pound sand and fetch soggy tennis balls.

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  1. Hello Unleash the Beach supporters! I wrote to the SM City Council members. I wonder if you would like to compose your own letter and send it to them. Their email address is

    Dear Santa Monica City Council Members,

    On Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011 I attended the second recent fund- and awareness-raising party of Unleash the Beach, the group of dog-lovers that is trying to get a pilot program for a dog beach somewhere along the Santa Monica coastline. Currently I have to take my Golden Retriever Daisy to either Long Beach or Huntington Beach. It's a long drive and takes a lot more planning than it would to go from Venice to Santa Monica. I pick up after Daisy at all times and on the chance that I missed something, I have extra bags and pick up any stray pile I might find. Most of us are extremely conscientious and are willing to put in 110% effort to cover anyone who is less responsible. I know that it is not a dog guardian like myself or a dog like Daisy who are the causes of your reluctance to move forward with a dog beach; we and others like us would welcome the opportunity to show you that it can work. It's so wonderful to see my dog trot into the water to fetch a ball or a stick, or to watch her find a berth in the sand and throw her whole body into it.

    Mayor Bloom, all of us Unleash the Beach supporters would love to meet your dog Jackson on the sand to celebrate the opening of a trial beach in Santa Monica. It would be great! Woof, woof...

    Respectfully submitted,