Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doggie Halloween Parade in Santa Monica!!!

There will be a Doggie Halloween parade on Sunday, Oct. 30 from 1-4pm on Montana Ave.
Register at pet boutique TO WAG FOR on 1123 Montana.
$5 per pet.
Big prizes!
Over $500 worth of prizes for Most Original/Best in Show
Over $250 worth of prizes for Best Duo or Group (Animal /or animal human)
Over $250 worth of prizes for Funniest
Over $250 worth of prizes for most Beachy

It will be a sidewalk parade walking up and down the sidewalks of Montana between 6th and 17th St., stopping a judging stations along the way. You can stroll at your own pace - stop for a drink, or enthusiastically march around twice.  Prizes will be awarded at 4:30pm on 14th and Montana, the broad sidewalk next to the Whole Foods parking lot.

Proceeds go to Unleash the Beach.  Many thanks to Jean McCoy of To Wag For for producing this. When you stop by be sure to thank her!

Let us know if you can volunteer to help people register or help with the voting.

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