Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LA TIMES is a voice of reason: 11/30/11,0,1278564.story 

Keep asking people to sign the petition! We have over 500 in one week. Keep it up!

Thank you, LA Times, for being a voice of reason in the dog beach debate. It is time for the State Parks and Recreation Dept. to follow the State of California's own guidelines as outlined in its Research Bureau report commissioned by Senator Ted Lieu. It is time that animal lovers and their companions stop being disenfranchised from public resources. It is time that the value and importance of animals in our lives be acknowledged and recognized in a just and progressive way. 44% of households have dogs and those dogs are important members of the family. Dogs should not be disallowed their ability to enjoy mother earth. The joy of the beach is the right of all. The beaches in Santa Monica are empty 90% of the time....who are we saving them for?

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