Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Unleash the Beach News


One Small Action for a Dog Beach

The new State Parks commissioners wrapped up their ten city tour in Los Angeles on Oct. 17, 2013. Everywhere they went they wanted feedback from the public. I believe they are looking for ten projects to promote.It was a difficult meeting for most people to get to --downtown on a Thursday afternoon.BUT.....There is something easy that most dog beach advocates can do!

Please write to the Parks Forward Commission at info@parksforward.com.

They are accepting and encouraging public comment until November 4.

Sample letter: This is just a suggestion - you can copy and paste, edit or write your own* (best).  Please ask your friends to also send a note.  The more the better. Send to info@ParksForward.com

I am a member of Unleash the Beach, and I am writing to you on behalf of a large part of the California population from all walks of life who are underserved by the State Parks system. This is the 41% of us who have companion dogs and are largely not allowed to take them to the state parks. In particular I am writing about the beach in LA County - 75 miles of state beach with no dog beach.

The City of Santa Monica, the state's good partner in operating the Santa Monica Beach, has requested, by large community demand, that the state allow for a designated, well marked part of the beach for a pilot dog beach.  The City would be liable and cover all costs.

This  reasonable and modest proposal is well supported by Senator Lieu, the Santa Monica City Council, the Los Angeles Times, and the Santa Monica Daily Press, as well as other institutions such as SPCALA, The Pet Show, the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, and many many others.


(your name)  - (please jot a reply to us and let us know you are participating.)

There are some criteria they are looking for:

-A population that is underserved in order to promotemore use of the parks.
-They are looking for a sense of what the community wants. 
 -They like the fact that park use promotes public healthby having people spend time outdoors and exercising.
 -They can be reminded that we are only asking for aproperly designated area on the beach.
 -The fact that they are looking to enhance partnerships: and the Santa Monica City operating agreement with the state has been a good one with one exception: why won’t the state listen to their very modest and very popular proposal for a pilot dog beach?
 -Supported by Senator Lieu, the Santa Monica City Council, the Los Angeles Times, and the Santa Monica Daily Press, as well as other institutions such as SPCALA, The Pet Show, the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, and many many others.

At the PARKS FORWARD meeting

Unleash the Beach had five representatives there on the 17th. A field rep from Senator Lieu's office, Lauren Pizer-Mains, who read a letter from the Senator attended. She read, among other things, " Off-leash dog beaches are beneficial and provide recreation, socialization and community engagement for both animal and owner.....Parks Forward has a tremendous opportunity to improve partnerships between state and local stakeholders and enhance our treasured state parks for the enjoyment of all Californians."

Judith Meisner for Santa Monica politely reminded the commission that Santa Monica has a great relationship with State Parks in caring for the beach and many projects, except for the one project of a pilot dog beach...

Tish Bunk, a marine biologist  spoke about the benefits of the dog beach as did Alfredo and Georja.

(the only other group there who had several advocates were a group of "naturalists" who were promoting nudity on some beaches!)



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